Migraines and Headaches

Ladera Family & Sports Chiropractic

What Migranes?

I began going to Dr. MacAdam around October or November of 1995.  I went in because I had migraine headaches three or four times a week. I had been going to different chiropractors for the past nine or ten years but have never been able to be consistent with my treatments until I started coming to Dr. MacAdam.

  He explained chiropractic to me in a way that none of my other chiropractors ever did.  I understood why my headaches were occurring and how I could get rid of them for good -- if I was willing to be committed to coming the necessary amount of time.

My headaches are very rare now and the intensity of them has gone down in a dramatic way.  Chiropractic does take time and patience, but it works!  I am so happy to not have the intense headaches I had before I came to Dr. MacAdam.  He helped me and I know he can help you!

Dana Parker