Old Injury, Sinus Problems

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No More Sinus Problems!

I am 24 years old.  I came to Dr. MacAdam in order to receive help with some back problems from an old injury.  Not only did I receive excellent results for my back, but also for a sinus problem I had battles with since elementary school. When I was in grade school, my sinuses were irritated from morning until late afternoon.

I had at least two sinus infections a year.  My dentist suggested that I have my wisdom teeth pulled.  I did that, but it only relieved the infection.  I still had clogged nasal passages until late afternoon.

Once I began receiving chiropractic care, eventually my sinuses were only irritated in the morning.  Now that I have been in Dr. MacAdam's care for a few months, my sinuses are not irritated any more.  In the past two weeks, my nasal passages have blocked only twice, which is incredible considering the air quality and that this is one of the worst allergy seasons in ten years!  I think that's incredible!  I look forward to future improvements under the excellent care of Dr. MacAdam.

Thank you all!

Tracy Savell